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Trust RightfIT Network Solutions with All Your Applications

Take advantage of an application environment with enterprise-class performance, resiliency and redundancy, on a budget less than what you’re probably paying today. Making sure your applications are properly installed, configured, secure and integrated is the surest way to eliminate downtime.

Application Hosting Services

Benefits of Our Application Hosting

Let RightfIT Network Solutions host your applications in our secure, modern data center. We’ll make sure your servers, storage, network, and more, are always up-to-date and always best-in-class. That extends to the physical environment as well. Our data center environment is climate controlled, and its physical and computer access tightly secured. And it’s managed around-the-clock by certified engineers, technicians and support staff.
RightfIT Network Solutions monitors and manages the performance of every application 24/7/365. That includes the applications themselves, the systems that integrate them with your database and other applications, the network that it runs on, and the backup and storage systems where their data is stored.
There are a lot of variables that go into application performance. When RightfIT Network Solutions hosts your applications, every one of them is tuned to peak operation. That includes network components, bandwidth, memory, firewalls and anti-spam protection, and more.
RightfIT Network Solutions performs routine, regular preventative maintenance. We’ll inventory your applications, ensure your licenses are current and right-sized, and provide you every level of support you need … from remote to onsite.