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Trust RightFit Computer with Your Project Work

For some companies, the basic managed services model – so much a month for carefully defined services – doesn’t meet their business needs. You need talent on demand, ready to handle any and every project that might arise. That’s how our by-the-block, customized IT solution differs from a traditional retainer. You purchase a block of hours per month – without worrying about why you might need them. When something comes up, large or small, you’ve got the talent ready to get rolling. And don’t worry, you never lose hours if you don’t use them during a month. They simply roll over to the next month.

Use RightfIT Network Solutions’ expertise and skills as you need them – without long-term commitments – to handle projects large and small.

Primary Hourly IT Services

Additional Hourly Services

  • Computer Repair Services
  • Laptop PC Upgrades
  • Virus Spyware Detection Removal
  • Custom-Built PCs
  • Preventative Maintenance Service
  • Password Removal
  • Software Installation
  • Data Backup & Recovery
  • Remote Support
  • Remote Data Backup

Benefits of Our Customized Hourly IT Services

Whether you are near or far, we are happy to offer the same flat hourly rate to all of our clients who are in need of hourly IT services. This hourly rate is all-inclusive for remote services and onsite services. There are no additional travel charges added for onsite hourly IT services work in Dallas, Fort Worth, and surrounding areas.
We are confident that you will love our IT services, but we want you to be satisfied with everything you purchase. Maybe you are not really sure of how a specific service works or you may not be sure your company needs a certain service. We allow you to test our solutions so you can see how they will positively affect your business and make life easier.
RightfIT Network Solutions offers you “no commitments” with our hourly IT services. You are not bound by a contract that states you have to use us and pay for a certain amount of time whether it takes that long or not. You can use us for an hour, or even 35 hours, and you will pay the same flat hourly rate with no hidden costs or fees.
Not only is hour hourly rate fixed so you never have to worry about extra or hidden fees, our hourly rate is also extremely affordable. Technology is essential for running and growing your business, which is why you should never have to spend a fortune for IT services. Our team of experts are ready to help you with all your IT needs.
At RightfIT Network Solutions, we want all of our clients to know how thankful we are for them and how much we truly value their business. When you pay in advance for your IT services at RightfIT Network Solutions, we offer you a special discount to show our appreciation.
RightfIT Network Solutions knows that every business is unique, even if it is within the same industry. You have unique IT needs that are specific to your business. Your business may have an IT department, or it may not have an IT professional at all. Because we can supplement your IT department, or become your entire IT department, we offer customized solutions to fit all your company’s IT needs.