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Get Office 365 Management with RightfIT Network Solutions

Big companies with the most demanding of system requirements depend on Microsoft for productivity, communications and sharing. Now, you can, too.

Office 365 implementation, hosted by RightfIT, integrates online versions of Microsoft’s email and collaboration software with the already familiar Office ProPlus suite … all through a cloud management model. The cloud service meets your most important business needs. Robust security. Reliable 24 / 7 monitoring. Productive usability. And, it’s available for an affordable monthly subscription.
RightfIT handles Office 365 migration and Office 365 management. We also offer Office365 IT support Dallas and on-going Office365 IT management services.
Get Microsoft Office collaboration, email and productivity. All through one solution. All from the cloud.

Benefits of Office365

Office 365 Support & Management Services

Office365 is embedded in the Cloud. That means lower costs for you. Your capital expense decreases as you swap expensive licenses with low-cost subscriptions. You effectively eliminate operating costs. All because RightfIT delivers a fully-hosted solution for Office365 migration, Office365 implementation and Office365 management. One that requires absolutely no maintenance or support by you.
Office 365 IT support is at your fingertips either by phone or live remote control. RightfIT’s remote control tool enables our engineers to diagnose from a distance and resolve your Office 365 issues. And, we get it right 90% of the time. However, onsite Office 365 IT support, even after hours, is available.
Most clients express their business freedom and peace of mind by trusting RightfIT to provide complete Office 365 management and Office 365 IT support. Still, others would rather manage it on their own with us standing by as their outsourced IT solution. Our adaptable Office 365 IT support allows each client to allocate RightfIT with what’s best for their business and budget.
RightfIT gives you a variety of Office 365 plans. They range from cloud access and core Office applications to advanced sets of administrative services. All versions come with Office, Exchange, Lync, and SharePoint, and are maintained by our Office 365 IT support specialists.