Get Ready for the End of Your (Business) World

Windows Server 2003 Deadline Nears Nearly a year ago Microsoft Windows XP support came to an end. Now, we are rapidly approaching Windows Server 2003, aka SBS 2003, end of life. Are you ready? If you aren’t, what will you do when you wake up the morning of July 15, 2015 … the day after [...]

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Don’t Get Fooled Again … When it comes to your data backup.

We’re here to tell you, business data loss is no joke Haven’t backed up your business data? Then, you’re monkeying around with the sustainability of your business. It’s so easy to lose everything. No backup server. No backup files. No data recovery services? No more business. With World Backup Day quickly coming up on the calendar [...]

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3 Parts of predictive analytics

Predictive analytics has long been employed by large-scale businesses to help make decisions and long-term business predictions. Now, small to medium businesses are starting to integrate these methods in larger numbers. A common stumbling block for many managers and owners however is that this can be a highly overwhelming concept. To help, here is an [...]

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